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Hari Raya Recipe - Ketupat
July 29, 2011


Malaysia is a country of diverse culture and ethnicity. We share the joy of each celebration by having open houses and inviting friends and families to celebrate the joyous occasion together. Hari Raya  is a very important occasion that is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. It is also known as the festival that marks the end of one month of fasting.

One month before we celebrate Hari Raya, our Muslims friends fast for a period of almost 12 hours a day. They fast from dawn till sunset. The primary purpose of fasting is to remind all Muslims of self-control and submitting to Allah, the holy one. Even young kids are taught to fast when they are young.

Having said that, Hari Raya is around the corner and we rekindle the memories indulging in the homemade chicken and beef rendangs, satays, ketupats and cookies.

As the season approaches, we will be sharing some recipes, starting with ketupat making.


When selecting ketupats, choose those that are as green as possible without the brown edges

1) Wash empty ketupats casings and set aside to drain.

2) For 30 small ketupat casings, I used about 1-1/2 kilos of plain local rice (I used Kedah Beras Tempatan)

3) Wash rice and then set aside to dry. It is easier to fill up ketupats when rice is dry, or the rice will stick to your fingers.

4) Make the ketupat opening larger at the end where the longer leaves are and fill up to 45% full of the casings with rice.

5) Seal that opening by tightening the leaves with a pulling motion. Knot them twice.

6) At the opposite end of the ketupat casings where there are two short parts of the coconut leaves jutting out, tuck the loose ends into the ketupat to seal the hole.

7) Bring a large pot of water (add 3 tbsps of salt) with ketupats to a boil. Lower heat to small and simmer the filled ketupats for 5 hours, ensuring that they are covered with water at all times, i.e. refill water when the water level goes down. This makes the ketupat rice last longer and not go bad easily in a few days.

Cooked ketupats

To serve, halve ketupat lengthwise and then cut into 9 sections to make rice cubes. Serve with Kuah Kacang, Beef Rendang and cucumber slices. Enjoy!

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