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Canopy walk at Bandar Sunway

Canopy walk for pedestrians’ safety and convenience

HAVING been a white elephant for many years, the unused monorail tracks around Bandar Sunway have been given a new lease of life with the construction of a covered pedestrian walkway on top of the structure.

The first phase of the 1.045km walkway, which connects Sunway Pyramid shopping mall to Sunway University was completed in November 2010 while the second phase connecting Sunway University to Monash University is expected to be completed this month.

“The canopy walkway makes it safe and convenient for pedestrians walking from these locations.

“We have security on patrol and a total of 35 CCTVs along the route,” said Sunway Group corporate communications general manager Sharzede S. Askor.

The Sunway monorail system was built in the late 90s as a transportation system within the township but eventually became a joyride for the Sunway Lagoon theme park.

“Sunway Group founder and chairman Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah saw the need of a pedestrian path and he mooted the idea to make use of the monorail structure.

“We believe in innovating from what we have and it’s economically wiser to convert it than to just get rid of it.

“Students from the universities can now walk to the shopping mall, rain or shine. This also means that we are taking cars off the road and lessening traffic congestion.

“This walkway makes for a more comfortable journey for students without cars. Tan Sri encourages us to walk as much as we can.

“You also get a nice view of the Sunway Lagoon theme park,” she added.

Bandar Sunway has 200,000 residents, is home to more than 33,000 students annually and welcomes more than 36 million visitors each year.

Built at a cost of about RM10mil, the canopy walk is open from 7am to midnight, except on public holidays.

For added comfort, there is an escalator at the end of the walkway.

Sharzede said that there were plans to further extend the walkway to the hotels but this would only be done after the elevated bus transit routes have been finalised.

The canopy walk and other pedestrian walkways which make travelling on foot around the neighbourhood easy was one of the factors which led Sunway Resort City to win the Green Building Index (GBI) award in the township category.

“Bandar Sunway had been conceptualised and built way before the GBI rating system was introduced. Sustainability has always been part and parcel of our corporate culture and the award is a formal acknowledgement of what we have been striving to achieve.

“The people’s quality of life matters to us; we’re not just building and selling properties,” said Sharzede.

To be recognised as a GBI compliant township, Sunway Resort city was evaluated in six broad categories - climate, energy and water; environmental and ecology; community planning and design; transportation and connectivity; building and resources; and business and innovation.

“We have been using recycled water from the theme park lakes to water plants in public areas.

“The criteria states that we need to have at least 15% of greenery in the township and we have 30%.

“We are also the first township to have 800 auxiliary police keeping the place safe,” she said.

Sharzede said that as the other phases of the Sunway Resort City continue to be developed, they would carry on implementing changes and upgrades for the betterment of the community.

Canopy Walk at Sunway Resort City

The Star, 8 September 2012